Lori Faye Bock and the Wonders of Los Silvestres

2003 September 5th: Santa Fe New Mexican – Abiquiu Artists

Once you visit artist Lori Faye Bock’s 260-year-old adobe farmhouse and meet all the animals she tends with her husband, Richard Bock, then you understand why she loves to paint animals.

Wishful Thinking - Painting by Lori Faye Bock

Focus Santa Fe 2000 – Creatures Great & Small

Lori Faye Bock’s eyes shine as she describes her farm north of Abiquiu along the banks of the Rio Chama.

Loose In Los Silvestres (Painting by Lori Faye Bock)

Lori’s Ark

Lori Faye Bock’s marvelous critters have been charming a whole new audience since she set aside her clay for paint.