Where'd That Come From? (Painting by Lori Faye Bock)

A Collector’s Musings

As you enter the gallery that displays the paintings of Lori Faye Bock, you embark on a remarkable journey. For it is an exploration that galvanizes the senses, stirs evocative associations, and awakens a desire to embrace life anew. Her art is simple and complex; chimerical and real; ordinary and beautiful; delicate and robust; reserved and bold. Lori Faye’s art pleases the eye and soothes the spirit. She deeply touches our soul. Her perspectives transform us!

Where'd That Come From?Your child within will delight and skip amidst the shapes, objects, animals, and habitat. The universal voice of color echoes Lori Faye’s enchantment with life. Young energy and excitement are ignited as her paintings, one by one, promise your swift return to long forgotten fantasies and memories. And much like a young child who delights in the discovery of a shiny penny hidden in the tall grass, surprise quickly gives way to joyful celebration. Whether you honor Lori Faye with joyous laughter or a meditative glass of wine, the uncompromised originality of her work will nourish your soul well beyond this moment.

Just as quickly as childhood’s reality returns, the variegated texture and sometimes intricate detail of Lori Faye’s paintings welcome more thoughtful contemplation. Affective responses yearn to be identified, perchance labeled for the first time, and the layered canvas invites us to impose meaning on the steady flow of emotionality directed by her brush strokes. Playfully encouraged to paint our own canvas, the unconscious movement between heart, head, and hand gives rise to other perspectives.

The relationships between and among objects in Lori Faye’s paintings highlight both clear and veiled intent. Her colorful dance invites us to celebrate the moment, sing another refrain, rejoice in all creatures big and small, and live life with passion. And the interpretation of the dance reminds us that we are intricately woven into the landscape of all living things with whom we share this planet. As we traverse the terrain together, sometimes laughing, other times musing, Lori Faye dares us to care tenderly for one another, our animals, and the environment.

When you have come full circle on the journey that displays the work of Lori Faye Bock, you will be tempted to walk with her along this path one more time. For in celebrating the beauty of her art, your soul is transformed, over and over and over again.

– Cheryl Duerksen